Lessons and Confessions

of an Ordinary Chess Champion




You’ve found your way to this page. I hope to make the next leg of your journey an easy and enjoyable one.

What is this?
This is a series of topics conveyed as either a “lesson” or “confession” arising from my personal experience in the chess world. Lessons are designed to teach you something. Confessions attempt to build bridges to life in and outside the 64 squares.

Who am I?
Rheanna English. Professional chess teacher. College educated in statistics. Aspiring professional author. USCF rated B player. 3x Texas State Girls’ Champion. Christian. Cat lover. Hailing from San Antonio, TX. The rest you can pick up on throughout the series.

Ultimately, my goal is to create something of interest to a wide-reaching audience. I understand that’s very broad. If someone makes it to this page, regardless of their content knowledge, I want something to keep them coming back. I attempt to blend the chess player side with the humanistic side, hoping to draw out the similarities of the two. And maybe uncover some other goals along the way.

What is an ‘ordinary chess champion’?
Speaking only for myself, I’d have to call it a serious chess player fortunate enough to earn some accolade victories along the way.

16 JUL 2018

Confession #1: Studying

26 JUL 2018

Lesson #1: Trade-offs

02 AUG 2018

Confession #2: Promotion